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This is definitely NSFW as it contains nudity and other naughty things, please leave if you are not at least 18 (or the appropriate legal age in your jurisdiction). This is a safe tumblr blog. I don't use trackers or click throughs, and I don't reblog posts with re-directs. The majority of the posts I have are high-resolution so you can safely click them to see the full size version without worrying about where you are going to be sent. Life is stressful enough, surfing porn shouldn't be.

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3 Steps to Heaven :

As she felt he was seconds away for filling her with every potent drop of his sperm. She pounded down on him taking him balls deep to milk every drop from his balls
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When Mr Weston comes to town for a surprise visit to see how his princess is adjusting to college, he finds out through her roommate Scarlett that his little girl is gone for the day with her new boyfriend. This works out for him also.
Mr weston had a thing for younger women and Scarlett wakes these primal urges in him, urges that cloud his judgement. He decides to make the best of his trip by seducing young Scarlett, but she isn’t so sure about this, afterall, this is her roommate’s dad.
He’s strong and tall and easily overpowers the young girl by picking her up and pinning her against the wall, kissing her as she tries pushing him away telling him “this isn’t right, please” but he continues to explore her body with his big hands despite her pleads.
After some forced but passionate foreplay, Scarlett body responds to Mr weston’s seduction. He lets her down slowly and as she stands in front of him, blushing and a little shaken; he pulls down his pants exposing his long, thick meat. Scarlett’s knees give out forcing her to kneel in front of him, in position to worship his massive cock.
Scarlett is unable to wrap her hand around his cock as she admires that heavy, veiny, thick raging hard on. He grins as he shoves his cock in her little mouth but Scarlett’s mouth won’t be able to service him so he wastes no time.
He bends Scarlett over on her bed. She begins to squirm around scared he will ruin her holes and he’s not wearing a condom. He forcefully penetrates her her tight cunt and as wet and aroused as she is, it’s still a struggle to split her warm little cunt open.
He finds her Pleading, screaming and whimpering extremely arousing, this is why he loves young pussy, he gets off to young tight pussy being destroyed by his massive tool because in the end, they always end up cumming on his cock. Scarlett’s young inexperienced cunt is stuffed with cock stimulating her insides and just like the others she cums uncontrollably on Mr Weston’s cock over and over.
He tries to hold it as much as he can but Scarlett’s pussy is too good, too tight and warm. Her next orgasm is the one that drives him over the edge. Scarlett has no control over her convulsing walls that are milking his meat trying to push him out but instead they massage his member until it explodes on her unprotected little cunt, spurting huge sticky loads of his seed creaming her Insides.
Mr Weston is finally flacid enough to her push him out. A stream of cum also comes pouring out of her womb. Mr Weston laughs as he puts on his clothes as he watches poor Scarlett trembling with pleasure on her bed, still bent over and unable to move after that brutal fucking provided by her roommate’s dad. Scarlett’s boyfriend won’t be able to use her pussy for a while. It’s sore, raw and stretched out….

the scarlet chronicles: Episode I

Young Scarlet is bored by boys her age,she needs something more exciting,something bigger,better,harder,stronger. instead of taking the bus home from school,Scarlet decides to walk instead hoping to find something dangerous and exciting. half way on her journey back home an older man in a rental car approaches young Scarlet. late 30’s male in a suit.Scarlet heart’s is pumping so fast,her adrenaline makes her legs weak as the gentleman rolls down his window.
"hey little one,are you lost?"
"no sir"
"do you need a ride home"
"I don’t want to go home"
"because it’s boring being alone at home"
"I have a room in a hotel  a few blocks from here, we can spend sometime there so you’re not bored at home"
"I don’t know sir, what are we going to do there?"
"fun things princess,that’s what people do in hotels,fun things."
without saying a word Scarlet gets in the rental with a total stranger. she’s nervous and feels like fainting from the rush of adrenaline she’s getting.
Once in the hotel the stranger wastes no time and advances on young Scarlet lifting her and pining her against the wall,kissing her and groping her. she’s melting in a strangers arms and so is her pussy,which is now a slippery mess aching for cock. foreplay is over just as soon as it started. he tossed scarlet onto the bed and he begins to undress she notices his wedding ring when he undid his pants. not only is he a total stranger,but a married stranger, a stranger with 9 inches of pleasure.
He orders Scarlet to get on her hands and knees as he lubricates his shaft with spit. her inexperienced tight cunt is met with a cock determined to explore the bottom of Scarlet’s womb. she’s dripping wet but her walls are so narrow he has no choice but to push deeper despite her pleads for him to slow down. he’s forcing himself on poor scarlet.she screams desperately as he makes his way in inch by inch as no one as ever been this deep inside Scarlet,ever.
But despite the brutal pounding her little cunt is receiving,despite being stretched to her limits;her tight hole is being stimulated,his thickness pressures against her pubic bone every time her goes in and every time he pulls out sending her body into and orgasmic frenzy making her squirt and cum all over the strangers huge cock.
"you’re not on the pill,right?"
"no sir!"
"good,i’m not wearing a condom"
"I know sir! I can feel the soft skin of your amazing cock!"
"I’m going to cum inside you,deep in your womb little one"
"no sir!please! you might impregnate me! oh god I’m gonna cum again sir!"
As Scarlet cums once again on his cock, his shaft begins to tense up,her pussy is convulsing uncontrollably,it’s too mush for him,he can’t hold it anymore.Scarlet tries to push him out trying to prevent him from dumping his seed inside her. but he holds her firms in place by the waist with his strong hands.poor Scarlet has no choice but to receive his seed as his hips violently smash with her ass, spurting out thick loads of hot cum inside her unprotected ,fertile  pussy. Scarlet turns her head to look up to him with a look of disbelief,his sweat cover face shows a devilish grin.
Little Scarlet walks by the hotel after school a couple of times a week hoping the older lover is back in town,hoping he will brutally take her pussy like he did that afternoon.or maybe she’s hoping for someone new.

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Baby girl moves ;)